Andropause Assessment

Andropause Assessment

Are You Suffering from Testosterone Imbalances?

Please consider how you feel now and compare that to how you felt in the past.

0:  Normal or unchanged                     

1: mild, but noticeable difference

2:  moderate or significant difference   

3:  severe difference

Mental Function Physical Problems

__Feeling stressed or “burned” out

__Feeling depressed or negative    

__Feeling irritable or angry

__Feeling anxious or nervous   

__Feeling mentally fatigued, unable to concentrate     

__Decreased mental sharpness, wit, attention 

__Loss of motivation or initiative to start new  projects, participate in hobbies

__Feeling that work, relationships and hobbies have lost significance


Musculo-Skelatal System

__Fatigue or loss of energy particularly in the afternoon and evening

__Feeling sore all over, aches in joints and muscles

__Frequent back or neck pain 

__Decrease in physical stamina or endurance 

__Decrease or less than optimal muscle size, tone and strength 

__Decrease in athletic performance; loss of agility, quickness 

__Decline in flexibility and mobility

__Difficulty in recovering from physical exercise

__Increased tendency towards muscle pulls or leg cramps 



Physical Problems

__Shortness of breath with activities,

__Worsening of asthma or emphysema

__Lightheadedness, dizzy spells, ringing in the ears or frequent headaches

__Poor circulation in legs, swelled ankles, varicose veins or hemorrhoids

__Changes in visual acuity, ability to read fine print

__Dry skin on face or hands

__Excessive sweating during the day or at night

__Urinary frequency, reduced flow or force of flow


Metabolic Conditions

__Increase in total cholesterol or triglycerides

__Decrease in HDL cholesterol

__Onset of high blood sugar, insulin or diabetes

Rise in blood pressure, onset of hypertension

__Development of chest pain, heart disease, blocked arteries

__Unexplained weight gain, particularly in the mid section

__Increased fat in the chest or hip area

__History of heavy drinking

__Enlarged prostate or increased PSA

__Loss of body hair; decreased need to shave as frequently


Sexual Function Testosterone Score Overview

__Decrease in spontaneous morning erections 

__Decreased libido or desire for sex 

__Decrease in fullness of erections

__Decreased volume or strength of force in climax 

__Difficulty in maintaining a full erection

__Difficulty in achieving an erection 



(0-5 unlikely; 6-10 possible; 10+ probable)

You are at moderate risk for low testosterone levels if you answer yes to any one of the questions below.

___I have a history of adult mumps, or other testicular problems 

___I have had a prostate operation or persistent inflammation/infection of the prostate

___I have had a vasectomy

___Repeated use of prednisone

___Use of Proscar, Propecia

___Prior use of anabolic steroids, “pro hormones”

___Use of “statins,” chronic anti-fungals, anti-convulsants, Amiodarone, thiazide diurectics

___Smoke more than 1 pack of cigarettes per day

___Drink alcohol regularly, occasionally to excess

___More than 20 pounds overweight

___Have used marijuana or other recreational drugs regularly in the past

Testosterone Score Overview

The decline in testosterone may be subtle, but is rarely only characterized by one symptom. Rather it affects all of the tissues that contain testosterone receptors, which is the entire body.  Erectile dysfunction by itself is not likely to be a testosterone deficiency. Usually the decline in testosterone is gradual and is accompanied by systemic symptoms that are not obvious until they become irritating and problematic. Along with declines in testosterone, there is usually a change in overall hormone function, may includes changes in other hormones such higher levels of estrogen, thyroid, adrenal, and progesterone imbalances. 

Dysfunction is also drive by blood sugar imbalances. It requires testing to confirm your levels of the various hormones:  Cortisol, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, insulin, and average glucose levels.

Check with your doctor if you notice any of the symptoms, even if they are causing mild problems.

We can also run a saliva hormone panel for you. Please check the male hormone panel under functional testing for the markers included.

Call our office to schedule a fifteen minute free consultation to see if this is the right test for you.

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